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(Previous Model) Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Scissor-Lift Trolley

We are pleased to add a semi-automated mortuary stacking trolley to our range which we have been recently developing.

Semi-automatic Hydraulic Scissor-lift Pre-set height

This will enable the operator to press the raise button and the lift platform will automatically go to the first tier. Press again and the trolley will extend to the second tier etc. etc.

The raise and lower platform will have a push/pull facility also controlled by push buttons. ie. Align stacking trolley up to door opening (square and in-line with racks). Apply brakes to wheels. Take trolley up to correct height as described above, press push button and hold. Carriage will travel forwards and lock onto tray handle. Press and hold pull button, this will traverse the tray/body onto loading platform of trolley. Lower body. Release wheel brakes and manoeuvre in the normal way. To add body to chamber, the same principal applies as removing with the exception that when the tray/body has been pushed into chamber you need to press tray locking button and push and hold pull button to release tray from carriage.

Safe Working Load: up to 310kg

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